Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Please Love The Hippies

The weather in Iowa right now is squirrely.  Down.Right.Squirrely.  Cold, hot, rain, wind, cold, wind, rain, hot.  I can't keep up.  So in the meantime I just stay in the house....and paint. 
I've had this sign on my mind for a while now.

Do you remember my homage to The Lettered Cottage's Tybee Island e-zine?   LOVE everything about this beautiful cottage.  That sign near the door was quirky and fun.  However, try explaining why this sign is quirky and fun to your seven and three year olds.  After describing what a hippie was, what they stood for, their place in the political climate of the 1960's and why this sign might have been displayed., my seven year old found nothing fun and quirky about the sign.  My husband said the same thing.

I still like the sign. 

I distressed the edges....because that's just what I do. 

Hey, there's a hippie!  Okay not really...but close.  I was going to ask what fun accessories you would add to the backdoor besides a Cozy Coupe, but I think the sign is coming back inside...maybe for the guest room....or upstairs bath...that would be fun.  I have a feeling my neighbors might not "get" it it either. 

Maybe good old stars and stripes will be going back up. 

What decorates your back door?  Are there any hippies hanging around?


  1. hehe...I love the hippie sign. Crack me up. And I wanna make a stars and stripes sign this year, too. You've inspired me. I won't. But I'd like to. ;)

  2. I love your hippie sign! I need one of those at my house! :) My little boys say every time that their hair grows just slightly below their ear..."Mom, I need a haircut...I look like a hippie!" Makes me laugh!

  3. love it!

    and you need to keep it up! let the neighbors wonder. ;)

  4. Ahhhhhh...I LOVE it!!

    Probably more fitting for the hippie island life..but I can see it catching on in middle-of-nowhere Iowa. :)

  5. I've always loved the Hippies sign and have thought about buying one a few times now. But it's one of those things that never makes it to the register. So I totally think you should keep it up where it is. Damn the man!

  6. I kind of want a sign that says "servant's entrance" by my back door, but I don't want to offend our farm hand. :)

  7. Ha ha! Love your Hippie sign. You did a great job as usual. Keep up the good work. Hope your summer is going well.


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