Monday, June 13, 2011

Go! Go Now! The Plants NEED You!

 ALERT FOR ALL PLANT LOVERS!!  The middle of June to the end of the month is a great time to keep an eye on the prices for lots of landscaping plants...they drop like a rock....starting NOW!  Today we made a trip to the nearest store that carries flipflops for a little boy who decided he desperately needed flipflops RIGHT NOW.  The forelorn landscaping plants were scattered about. 50% off.  I was just thinking I needed a couple more hydrangeas.  NEEDED Honey....I NEEDED them. 

And see!  They were 50% off for a big ole jug of hydrangea. 

They need love...but as you can see they're ready to shoot like crazy. 

And they are the BLUE ones!  Okay, I acknowledge they probably won't turn blue...I hear that's pretty tricky.  I'll give it the ole college try. 

This is part of our north yard....I've added all these things since we've moved in.  Hostas REALLY like the north side.  I REALLY like them.....they REALLY like me. ;-)  i.e....I plant them, forget they exist, they grow huge.  They are my kinda plants.   

My little hydrangea  loverlies will go there and there....and hopefully grow huge and block out all those weeds I don't want to pull. ;-)


  1. I have a hydrangea obsession. I just planted my 3rd one...trying to figure out where I can plant more..especially for 50% off!

  2. i think as long as you're buying perennials, you're good to go on any clearance plants. the veggies plants at my acme look SAD sad sad, yet they still have them for sale at the full price. poor things. hope your hydrangea flourish over there!

  3. Wow, awesome deal!! I'm hoping to score some more plants once they all start going for almost free around here. And I also have my fingers (and toes!) crossed that I can keep mine blue. We'll see....

  4. Love the hydrangeas! Plants add up so quickly and that is a great price....hopefully with a little TLC they will be as good as new!

  5. omg! there is nothing better than 50% of plants. i got some at the beginning of the year for 75% off.

    a six pack of petunias for fifty cents!! and after a little loo who love they look amazing!

    nice find!

    oh - and do a little research - i guess if you put something in your soil you can 'control' the color of your hydrangeas. but you may already know that.

  6. you can use elemental sulphur to make them blue.... I have some if you want to give it a shot.

  7. That's why you're my favorite brother...I knew you could keep my hydrangeas blue. :-)

  8. I got an azalea and rhododendron last night at lowes for $3 each!!!! We are putting in a LOT of hydrangeas after we side the house!

  9. I've never been so friggin excited about a blog post on plants. I did a Jen and dug up some ugly bushes while John was at work last week. Normally the outdoor stuff is his arena but I got tired of waiting. But anyway, we need to hurry up and plant some stuff and I never realized it but hydrangeas are totally my fave. And I'm REALLY hoping can find some for cheap. And now that I know how to make them blue, I am set. Your blog made my night.


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