Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Details Shall Commence

Way back in the beginning.....the end was nowhere in sight. 

Then I went crazy and jumped in with both feet. 

And made all kinds of messes....with perfectly good intentions.   I WOULD HAVE THE KITCHEN I'D ALWAYS WANTED.  Come hell or high water.

But now.....now the light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel.  Details.  We're down to the details here people!!  Although after a year of some of the hardest work I've ever done, I'm zapped.  My brain cells are gone.  I feel like that guy up there in the instructions.  (Pot rack instructions to be exact!! :-)   Except I didn't call IKEA.   I called..... 

....my dad.  Thank goodness for him.  He has an eye for perfection....if you want a project done the right way, call this guy.  He never fails to impress. 

And he knows all the cool tricks.   Did you know if you twirl your screws around on a candle before screwing them in they'll go in SO much easier?  Neither did I.   He does.  Thank God. 

Thar she is.   Isn't she a bute?  Picked her up on Kim and Jen's Excellent Adventure (to IKEA). 

I hesitated for oh.....about long enough for my dad to step out of the way to load her up. 

So purty.  And functional.  No, that was not my idea about hanging the lids right on the pans...genius, huh?  Leave it to those IKEA folks.  Genius, pure genius.


  1. I LOVE Ikea! I was just going to tell you what a cool idea the pan lids were and how you came up with it lol. That is So smart! Kitchen looks great!

  2. Kim and Jen's Excellent Adventure (to IKEA)?????
    Party Time! Excellent!
    Next time, we need to do that on video.

    Love the pot rack. Now I want one. Shoulda bought one, huh?

    Your dad is awesome, BTW. How's the ceiling look?

  3. OMG! I have owned a pot rack and pans that look very much like that for TWENTY FIVE YEARS!! And I have never seen or thought of that.

    Girl -- that is brilliant!



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