Friday, June 10, 2011


We're in our first full week of "summer break" around here.  We've been doing a lot of chilling.  No where to's awesome.  It lasts for approximately one more week....then the hubbub begins.  Swim lessons, Summer Discovery camp, Weather camp, Vacation Bible School....lots of fun...and lots of running.  While we're still chilling we've had some fun!  The youngest little has been asking for approximately three months to make heart shaped sugar cookies.  Why hearts?  I really don't know. He's just sweet like that I guess. ;-) 
The biggest little is meticulous with his decorating, placing each sprinkle just so. 

The youngest little....a bit more of a "dumper".  God love him. 

The cookies turned out delicious...and very high in sprinkle content. 

We had lots of fun. 

And discovered that the more we lick our fingers, the more the sprinkles stick to our fingers, therefore requiring us to lick the sprinkles off our fingers, and starting the whole process over again. ;-) 
He didn't mind. 

We've picked lots of spinach....and frozen most of it.  Hello spinach artichoke dip....
in the middle of January. 

Summer Reading Program started today.  The VanOorts made a haul.  Besides seeing a fun skit, hearing a cool book, making a goat and eating homemade cookies.....there was a "guess how many M&M's in this jar" contest.  Marshall, being the analytical one, looked the jar over and guessed 685 M&M's.  Clancey, being three, decided his guess would be 686 M&M's (because it sounded like Brother's guess).  The time came to reveal how many M&M's resided in the jar.  687 M&M's.  Can you believe it?  The kid is a freakin' genius.  Just sayin'.  Clancey won the M&M's, using his brother's guess essentially.  Marshall couldn't have been happier for his baby brother....they're THOSE kind of brothers.  They rock.   

And Marshall won an Earth bouncy ball.  He was thrilled with that.  He asked me "how do you think they knew I love space?"  He's a cool kid. 

And Clanc walked away with 687 M&M's. :-)


  1. They couldn't have picked a better prize for Clancey, he loves candy and M&M's most of all.

  2. how do you freeze your spinach?

  3. Hi Callie Mae! I pick it and freeze it RIGHT AWAY...first rinse it in cold water to get any dirt off. Then blanche it for 2 minutes in a big pot of boiling water. Take it out of the pot and submerge in ice water for 2 minutes. Drain, then put in freezer bags! It's just like the frozen spinach cubes you get at the grocery....except not in a cube. ;-)

  4. It has been a little while since I have looked at your blog. Sorry. I can't believe how cute your boys are. But what I couldn't believe was the progress on your kitchen!!! Beautiful. You have a done such a wonderful job. The ceiling and those to die for lights! wow!

  5. I love your kids. Seriously. They are awesome.

    And so darn smart, too.

    I didn't know you could freeze spinach. I've never grown it but I eat it a lot in my morning smoothie.

  6. Oh my gosh! You've got a little genius on your hands. I've never once been remotely close on any of those guess-how-many games.

    Also? those cookies look delicious. Do your kids make office deliveries?? : )

  7. The first days of summer are always so awesome. Just the whole nothing to do/no schedule thing is a very welcome change of pace. And it looks like you guys are making great use out of that new kitchen!

  8. Mmmmmmmm, sugar cookies.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments!!

    Your sons are adorable. My little brother's name is Marshall. We were just talking the other day how we didn't realize that it wasn't exactly a common name!

    Off to read more! :)


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