Wednesday, June 8, 2011

East Wall...How I Love Thee

These before and after posts are kinda fun.  Not just KINDA fun....they are a whole
whoppin' lug of fun.  ;-)   The amount of work this kitchen remodel took is sort of overwhelming me when I look back through the photos.  Thank goodness it was the kitchen and not some unused bedroom that I could shut the door on and walk away for the next 47 years.  I would a heartbeat...done that about 2, 298 times during this process.  It was hard.  I will say, however, that I am proud of myself.  I'm proud of what I did with my own two hands and sheer willpower.  I think too often too many women see their only worth in what the scale says, what brand of makeup they can afford to purchase or where their purses come from.  Certainly not all women (and BOY do I ever know some amazing women!!  Future post I think)....but too many women.  DO something amazing that you didn't think you could do...make a difference in the world.  Okay, end of soapbox.   ON TO THE FUN STUFF!!!!

The process was messy.  The first night my husband offered to help (because he loves me).  And I was an emotional wreck after discovering just HOW MUCH work this was going to take.  You might notice this is the last time the hubster appears in the photos....he's a smart man...that stayed FAR AWAY from my insane project. LOL

The day I took this photo I could not believe the progress I was making.  Now it makes me get a little sick in my mouth.  OMG, what was I thinking?  Crazy girl syndrome., should be in an institute kind of crazy. 

But oh was it worth it.  I'm actually getting teary.  Look at my beautiful baby.  Every nail, every drop of paint, every bit of measuring and was me.  The ceiling, that was Rich....and worth every stinkin' penny....the ceiling will get an entire post of its own. It's that awesome.  The bamboo blind...that was my dad.  He rocks.   Have I mentioned?  If a project involves leveling, I leave it to him.  Clearly I'm not on the level. ;-)

And look how pretty Becky's fruit bowl looks with the blinds. 

And from this angle....pretty fruit bowl, half naked little, cool vintage fan...gotta move some air around here. 

Hello beautiful.  Welcome to my kitchen.  You shall keep us cool for years to come.  I shall go collapse now.
Bulkhead detail're gonna love this one.

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  1. Holy smokes! You did ALL kinds of work on that kitchen! It looks fantastic!... and I tell ya, that is one big fruit bowl. Bananas AND a pineapple?! ;D

  2. OMG. It's gorgeous. Doesn't even look like the same room. I love befores and afters. Even if others don't like them on my blog, I do them for me. Reminds me how much work we've done. =)

    Love the blinds, too, but we've talked about that already. I'm happy to see they are exterior mounted. We have to do that in our house, too.


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