Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Calendar

I've been poky about posting my handmade Christmas gifts....after the holidays are over I like to take a month to completely collapse. ;-) And, now all the gifts have found their way to their new I'm free and clear to post without ruining any surprises!

When I think about gift giving I try to be practical...I usually don't make too many things that don't have some sort of purpose. This project fit that bill. Who doesn't need a calendar? And if you're going to have to look at a calendar wouldn't it be nice if it was snazzy? Now all calendars have their purposes...I have three in my kitchen...I know, again, I have issues. But really I NEED all of is decorative, and in a pretty frame my dad built for me, one is my ISU alumni calendar, where I write all the important dates, appointments, etc. I keep that one each year so I can look back and find important info (like the first snowfall, when I got that awful haircut, and the first time I saw a robin last know, all the important stuff;-). And now that we have a kindergartner I have a school calendar, which I don't look at too much yet, but I know our day is coming when ALL THOSE EVENTS will mean something to us.

So back to the project. I was totally inspired by the BEAUTIFUL calendars by Snow and Graham. So simple, so elegant. That was the look I was going for...tried to go for. I used Microsoft Publisher to format the pages. Each leaf of the calendar is 4"x 10", therefore two leaves could be printed on one sheet of paper. I printed the sheets on my home printer, cut with a utility knife, tied with a ribbon and there you go! Pretty, functional gifts.


  1. Jen- these are great. Are they on linen paper?

    You should really be selling these on Etsy. They are prefection.

  2. Thanks Kim! They are printed on a felt finish Strathmore paper.

  3. How beautiful! Where did you find the designs for each month??


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