Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lookin' Snazzy at the Farmers' Market

In my vein of thinking all gifts should have purpose. Is that wrong? I've never had a I guess that means no...or maybe that I have really polite family and friends? Well whichever it is, I enjoyed making this practical (yet snazzy) gift for my dear brother and sister in law. Gardening, practicality and being super cool are their what better to give them than a handmade bag to visit their own garden with or one of the trillion fabulous farmers' markets in Wisconsin? (Yeah, they're cheesehead that what they're called? Cheeseheads? I don't know...they live in WI, we'll leave it at that)
For the bag I did a very simple square bottom, tall design with straps long enough to go over the shoulder, in a neutral, burlappy (that's a word, I swear), natural fabric. For the image I strolled on over to one of the coolest blogs ever Just Something I Made and snatched one up here. L.O.V.E. H.E.R. Cathe has the most amazing ideas EVER. So basically I did what she did....except I used iron on transfer paper for light colored fabrics. Make sure to REVERSE the image before printing...didn't do that the first time and cursed myself for wasting a sheet for days. I'm over it now...I think...well maybe not...but I'm trying.
Love how this project turned out...I was so happy to give it as a gift and hope they get lots of use out of it.


  1. Wowza!! That is fabulous! I LOVE they typography you used and the burlappy bag! You took my project to a whole other level! Thanks so much for sharing it and for your really nice words.

  2. Love the design! And, the burlappy material.

    I made bags for Christmas, too. Everyone seemed to like them. =)


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