Sunday, January 3, 2010

Felty Goodness

My big guy is turning 6 this month. How did that happen? I don't know. He's so grown up and responsible these days. AND loves to help in the kitchen AND serve us Christmas last year I made a bunch of felt food for my little guys to play with. THEN I made the mistake of making some new and different felt foods as a Christmas gift for a little gal (who lives three blocks away and therefore cannot share her felt foods with my little guys at all moments ;-). My little guys were heartbroken as the hamburger and chips, pop tarts and snazzy little cake left the scene. THE FELT FOOD HAS LEFT THE BUILDING.

So back to the turning 6 deal. These are on my crafting table as we speak....the patterns anyway, as these are the little gems that left the building last Christmas. Felt hamburgers, cakes, poptarts (and even some donuts!) will be on the birthday gift list for my very special almost six year old guy.

This hamburger was SO FUN to make. I used chipboard in the bun sections to
keep the bread rigid and round.

If you are new to the felt food world definitely make pop tarts first...super easy and you will be SO pleased with the results.
Happy Felty January!

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