Friday, January 22, 2010

Ornate Framed Mirror Turned CHALKBOARD!!!

Did you know I invented framed chalkboards? I did. What? You don't believe me? Okay, you got me...every crafty blog on the internet has featured a framed chalkboard. They're just SO AWESOME. Chalkboards are the greatest invention ever...well, that is, after Cadbury Cream Eggs...and caulk. So now that that's all cleared up, I saw this project last fall over at Mustard Seed Creations. An epiphany hit me.....I have a framed mirror JUST LIKE THAT ONE!!!! I found it at a yard sale three or four years ago and couldn't for the life of me decide where to put it, other than leaning against the wall in the basement. It seemed a little over the top if you know what I mean...but it was a dollar, so I knew someday it would find a home in our home. I wish I had a photo of my husband's face when I drug it across the street and back to the truck (he's my yard sale chauffeur, isn't he awesome) Let's just say he was under impressed.

Frame, mirror removed for painting

But all that aside....back to the day I came upon Miss Mustard Seed's creation, my mirror had new life. I immediately ran down the basement stairs to retrieve it and give it a good look.

First the mirror frame needed a GOOD bath...years in the basement would do that to anyone.

Thankfully these two cans were in the basement too...instant gratification.

I removed the mirror from the frame, flipped the mirror over and sprayed with the chalkboard paint. The benefit of doing this is that if you were ever possessed to return this to its former life as a mirror you've done nothing to harm the reflective surface.

After the mirror had several coats of paint I turned my attention to the frame...several coats of creamy white and it was looking quite stunning! From Liberace gone bad to pretty shabby chic! This little guy decided he wanted to walk ALL OVER my perfect wet paint. Darn. I escorted him to new surroundings. I'll spare you the photo of the bird doo on my perfect wet chalkboard paint. It was that kind of day.
After letting everything dry thoroughly (and cleaning any wildlife deposits from my project) I reassembled the frame and found a new home for this lovely little chalkboard.


  1. I love this! And, I'm glad you cleared up the order of importance: 1. Cadbury Cream Eggs, 2. Caulk, 3. Chalkboards. The 3 cs. =)

  2. Jeeze, this is an awesome idea! Makes me want to run to Goodwill to see what sort of frames they have around! Well, except that it's 10:37 p.m. Tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiratin. :)

  3. I think I have her twin! It's beautiful!

  4. Wow what an awesome idea! I have an ornate mirror in use at the moment but that's what I might do when I'm finished with it! I never thought of turning decorative mirrors into other resources! Brilliant thinking!

    I actually know of a company that sell ornate mirrors and gilt mirrors should you ever want to turn another one into a chalk board! Thanks for sharing!



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