Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

New Year. Isn't that a great thing. It means you've made it another year on the planet...or as my favorite Reverend likes to say, "I'm still on the upside of the grass, so it must be a good day." A new year brings all kinds of possibilities...possibilities to do new things, meet new people, accomplish goals and enjoy life. I've never been much of a resolutioner...more of a "here are some things I'd like to think about" kind of person. I've never resolutioned to lose weight, have a perfectly organized house or stop smoking (okay I've never smoked so that's a no brainer). What I do like to do is write down some little things on paper...I like the paper part...some goals for the year, little changes I could make that would make life smoother (like only take on one project at a that possible?) The "little thing" that would land at the top is to put my family first...before crazy projects for other people. While I love helping out wherever I can, the looks on those little faces when I say "Mommy has a meeting, I'll be back in a while" and the corners of their mouths turn down....that does it. FAMILY. FIRST. As a good friend told me, they're only little'll have the rest of your life for you.


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