Friday, January 1, 2010

It Came From Somewhere

The SUPER AWESOME dishrags my mom knitted. "Dishrag" seems like an insult to these beauties....if they were bigger I'd wear them as a sweater...that's how amazing they are.And they all work great Mom! (She wanted me to let her know which one worked the best, isn't she sweet)

As a crafty person (or I like to think of myself as crafty at least) I've been asked more than once where I get that does one become crafty?

GENETICS. It's all genetic.

Christmastime is often a showcase of talent in my family...and boy, I come from talented stock. I won't even get into how talented my brother is...we'll save that for a post on its own.
Back to the's my parents. Two crafty people make crafty babies that grow into crafty women who get to take way more credit than they are due, when, in fact, it all came from the two crafty parents! I love handmade gifts, love giving them, love receiving them, love them love them love them. My folks never disappoint.

My dad knows me....boy does he know me. I squealed with delight opening this treasure.....ALL SORTS of blades for my jigsaw....little ones, big ones, ones for metal, ones for scroll sawing....oh the fun I will have!
Dad needs a post of his own.....frankly he needs a blog of his own....the things that man can make would leave you in a daze.

And the awesome cow in swim trunks flannel pants made just for me by my mom. I'm thinking I will just live out the rest of my days in these pants....that's how comfy they are. Maybe I can put in a request for another pair next Christmas. Thanks Mom!
So to wrap it's in my blood...I can't help it.


  1. I would agree that craftiness can be genetic, but I think my creativity skipped a generation - from my gram to me. =) My mom would def. agree. But, my dad is really handy, so that could have helped my cause.

    (PS - Jen, I'm so happy you commented on my blog. I just realized that you were no longer on my followers list so I haven't gotten any of your updates. I'll be catching up.)

  2. PS - I love the dishrags. I once tried to knit a dishrag, with a pattern. Haha.... they turned out looking like triangles. Oops. Those are great gifts.


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