Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Every Mantel Needs a Scarf

After the Christmas tidal wave was safely put away my thoughts turned to "after Christmas" decorating. Frankly this is the first time in 7 years (pre-children) that I've even given "decorating" ANY thoughts. I was lucky to run the vacuum and dust once a millenia. But now that they would rather rock out to Band Hero with their dad in the evening I have a few minutes to give these inconsequential things a little thought. I mean, when you think about things in the world on a broader scope, what I put on my mantel means less than nothing. BUT, I walk past it everyday, my children notice what's on it and my husband gives me a little nod when he likes what he sees....so in OUR little world these little touches make a difference. I guess it's good to keep it all in perspective...and have a little fun too.

On to the mantel scarf. Rag garlands are everywhere. Seems simple enough...long rope, scraps tied in knots around said rope, hang. Easy. Well, that is, after tying knots for what seems like a BAJILLION years. My mantel is now very warm and toasty until spring comes. :-)

Tip #1 : Use THIN strips

Tip #2 : Wear gloves (rope has little poky pieces that stick out and stab your already dry-as-the-Sahara-Iowa-Winter-skin.) FYI


  1. I love it! Love the scarf reference :) I'm wearing one of those 4 of 5 days out of the work week.

  2. Where did you get all the samples? The colors are lovely. I think my mantle needs a scarf. Awww..... shoot. I don't have a mantle.

    (How are you liking your Cricut, BTW?)


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