Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cupcakes, Purses and Spending Cash

What little girl doesn't love cupcakes, purses and a little spending cash? Hopefully this one does! This was a fun Christmas present for a little gal in our life...definitely a girly girl. We have a shortage of girly girls in our house, so it is always fun to do a project that involves pink! I started with a cupcake template from....hmm.....if I think long and hard I may remember (check back later). Cut the cupcake pieces from felt and then sewed them together.

The purse itself is a cream colored denim with a soft cotton lining in a pretty blue print. The very handsome handle is a piece of ribbon found in the clearance bin at Hancock Fabric....the whole spool of ribbon was $.25!! So this handle nearly broke the bank at a whopping penny. Yay, i love bargains.

And of course every girl needs some finances. Grabbed this AWESOME idea from the VERY COOL blog, Just Something I Made. I am no whiz at manipulating PDF's, however, so this took a little fanoodling in Publisher to get it just right.
Fun project! Now I need to find a few more little girls to do projects for....I've got some pink fabric burning a hole on my craftroom table! ;-)

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  1. Ok, how cute to have a purse with a ribbon strap!

    And Jen, don't worry- I have a valentines post happening tomorrow- you should check it out, and I'm excited to see your projects! :0


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