Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Village, PIY (Paint it Yourself)

Over at the Newly Woodwards last week Kim shared her love of the Dept. 56 Christmas village houses...so cute! That inspired me to share a few of the little houses that have been collecting at our house...well first my parents' house (I've been painting them for...well....a while ;-). I started in high school, adding a few each year...there is a village the size of a major metropolis at their house now...so in an effort to downsize to a manageable size city they gave a few of them to me. These are the little unpainted plaster houses/buildings you can get at Michael's, Wal-Mart, wherever. I'm not a good instruction follower either....so none of my houses look anything like the package specifically says to paint them. I know, I'm such a rebel. ;-) They're cute though....and special to me, as most are labeled with the year I painted them....brings back memories each time we pull them out.


  1. wow! These are so pretty. I love how you painted them. I'm totally impressed! =)

  2. Where can I order plaster houses like these?


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