Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chicken Napoleon

My little chicken, AKA Chicken Napoleon, is raring to go for Halloween. This was big brother's costume several years ago. Twice actually. The first year I painstackinly sewed those feathers on the costume, ordered the yellow tights, made the chicken hat.....and he wouldn't wear it. Refused, absolutely. He was little...and had no desire to be consumed by a pile of white feathers. The next year he had a change of heart....and a lot of coaching. He made a HAUL in this costume. Ladies were swooning at the door, dumping candy into his little pumpkin. He shared this bit of info with his baby brother. Thus the heightened interest in the costume.
The boy likes his candy.
He flapped.

Checked out his chicken legs.

And roosted.


  1. So adorable!! I want to know how you got the feathers sewn. Mine always lay flat when I'm done!

  2. This may be the cutest costume I've ever seen. I'm totally unsurprised, because the mom is the coolest, too. Go, mom.

    (And, if I ever have kids, will you help me make cool costumes for them? Or just let them be a chicken. ;))


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