Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hardwood & Beadboard :-)

So....I had to break a little promise. Perhaps I didn't share that little promise previously. I promised...after making the discovery I'm about to share with you....that I would not mess with the floor until the ceiling was done. Welll.......during the weekend scrapefest I had to move the oven out from the wall to clean up the dust behind it. Well....while I was back there a little piece of the vinyl floor just HAPPENED to be sticking up....inviting me to look underneath. Well....it just so happens that our kitchen floor IS NOT plywood, as I had previously, for the past six years, assumed. IT IS.....

Gorgeous....beautiful....wonderful hardwood. Covered by a layer of, what I'm going to assume is asbestos tile and a layer of leveling compound. Yay me. However, I'm happy to report that the tiles come right up. They do, however, leave behind a sticky residue.

Thank the universe for Google. Based on what I read my two options were mineral spirits or duct tape. (and a bunch of other options that I did not have on hand....so I had two options because I am not a patient person and live a jillion miles from a place that might sell the multitude of other options) I tried the duct tape first...it worked really well....but VERY slowly. I just rolled a bit of it back on itself and blotted all over the floor....like I said, it worked....but I would still be there unsticking the stick when my grandchildren come to visit. SO.....let's whip out the chemicals. The mineral spirits did a great job of getting the majority of the sticky off. Now there's a little sticky left...but nothing another treatment wouldn't take care of. Oh...and I also washed the areas I "spirited" with soap and water afterwards.

My little guy helped me install some beadboard today. I was almost giddy with delight.

A little section for your perusal. Still needs primer and paint....but WOOHOO it's up!!!!

Can you see my giddiness? So giddy I forgot to put down my dustmask before taking my selfportrait. Safety first folks. ;-)


  1. I love your little helper, Jen. Can you send him our way?

    Your kitchen is going to be Ahhhhmazing. That hardwood? Looks so great! The good thing about putting all that crap over it is that it will have been protected, right?


  2. Wowsers! I just stumbled onto your blog this morning. I love your house and all your projects! You do a great job describing what your doing. I will be back.

  3. Yay! Those hardwoods are going to make SUCH a big difference in there!

  4. You've got to be kidding. Wood floors! You've hit the jackpot! I'm so excited to see it all uncovered.

    You know how much I love me some beadboard and yours is looking AMAZING. So excited for you.

  5. Score! Hardwood and it's gorgeous!

    Have you taken any more whole kitchen shots? I love the progress reports!

    Now I can't wait to be a homeowner someday!



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