Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Friend Foley

I'd like to introduce my newest favoritest kitchen helper. The Foley Food Mill. Who knew this wonderful creation existed? I didn't until a few years ago....when I started canning. I was too cheap to buy I always, sadly, bipassed the recipes that called for this particular utensil. THEN, one fine day at Goodwill there she was. Looking brand new. I snatched her up before anyone could grab it first. Sometimes you have to use your elbows at Goodwill. Just sayin'.

Fourteen pints of tomato sauce later....I'm in Loooooovvveee with the Foley. Don't ask how many tomatoes it takes to make fourteen pints of tomato sauce. A. LOT. But it was totally worth it.

Then my master chefs made pizza. Darn good pizza.
And tonight I'd like to add a little moment of prayer and solitude for my dear friend Lynn and her husband Ross as they near the end of a very difficult battle.

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  1. I've never heard of the foley, but then I'm not a canner. The sauce looks great!

    Prayers for Lynn and Ross and family.



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