Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day of Paint

A while ago....okay a WHILE ago, I offered to paint the little wood sign on the edge of Clarence. It was announced at the City Council meeting that I was going to do this little project. Darn....that means everyone knows how long it took me to get it done. ;-) Do you see the little sign down there? It says...A GOOD PLACE TO LIVE. I drive past this sign all the time....and it bothered me that it looked kinda shabby.

And.....the after! I think it looks nice. I'm going to say something controversial....I think it makes the other signs look a little downtrodden. Hmm....I may offer my services further perhaps.


Now I'm not sure if you notice there on the right hand side of the photo.....the railroad tracks? I'm not a huge fan of trains. It goes back to childhood....just one of those irrational fears. However, we do live in a community that is visited by a train....oh every 20-30 minutes....ALL DAY LONG. know you've lived in a "train town" A LONG TIME when you are standing 15 feet from the tracks and it takes halfway through the second train to really even notice the train is going by!
Oh, and I should alert the media....I've discovered a GREAT way to slow down traffic coming into Clarence. ;-)

Before I was the roadside entertainment I ran over to Lowden to do a little touch up on the Little Home sign. I think maybe the two panels were installed a teensy bit too close to each other....the letters didn't quite line up. Easily fixed with a ladder and a bit of paint.

Looks pretty neat I think! I'm always shocked at how small signs look outdoors.
This puppy is SIXTEEN feet long....and looks like it would fit in my back pocket from the ground!

On my way home I took the gravel back to Clarence (it's only 6 miles....and I thought it would be an interesting detour from the usual highway route.) There were lots of neat farmsteads...including this one....the house is empty. This one's for you Kim! There was a pretty red barn....and lots of space to plant a big garden....and even a cow!


  1. Great work! The Clarence sign really sticks out now. Much better!


  2. The signs look great. But the house really caught my eye-- I hope someone moves in, loves it and cares for it... what a beautiful place!

  3. What a big difference! And I think that house is perfect for Kim. What a great place!

  4. The signs both look great. You have a talent, girlie.

    And, the house, totally dreamy. Did it come with land? You know, just wondering.... ;)

    Then we could be neighbors. How fun!

  5. I love that house. I also love driving the back roads to see the farms. :)


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