Monday, September 20, 2010

Uh Oh

Breathe. Keep breathing Jennifer. It will be ok. It's only 200 people touring through your entire house....looking in closets (I know from experience!)...asking why you did you did this....seeing that one dust bunny you forgot about.

I've been asked to do my SECOND Holiday Home Tour this year. The first time I was young and insane and volunteered for it. This time I was "informed" I was going to be on it. He he he...just kidding Arlene...I'm happy to do it.

The first time I was a tornado of painting, sewing, cleaning, organizing.....for about two months. This time.....I'm going to start as soon as I stop typing. The kitchen is the first on the list.


Since the last time, Dad has built us a library, I've built us a "fireplace", we brought beautiful Euphona home, I remodeled our back entry, I've torn our kitchen to will look amazing, right? I just need to start. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!! The first time I did the tour I didn't even have the brains to take any photos of my spotless house!!!! Duh. Not this time....I'll be blogging til kingdom come. It may be the last time till my guys graduate from high school that my house will be this clean!!!

Oh, and if you live in Iowa, near Iowa, or have ready access to an airplane, train, boat or reliable automobile please come!!! The prelim info indicates the event will be Sunday, December 5 in the afternoon. The house will be decked out in its finest.....and I may or may not have any sanity left.

And cookies will be served.


  1. I want to come! How far from Cedar Rapids are you? Good luck with all the projects!

  2. On my calendar!!! I am soooo there!!!

    Would you like an old sled for your beautiful porch? I wouldn't give it to just anyone!!! But it can be yours if you like. I was given two.

  3. I want to come, too! Maybe this would be a good Iowa Blogger get together, at your house! I'm volunteering you now, Jen. :)

    I can't wait to see the pictures!!!

  4. I HAVE to come see your house. Can I help you get ready for it? I love myself a little Christmas.

  5. Which basically means, this date is going in my calendar. When I find my calednar.

  6. How fun and exciting! I so wished I lived closer to Iowa because I would love see how it turns out. Which of course means that you must take massive amounts of pictures and post them!


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