Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Friendly Squash

Levi has flown the Alabama to be exact. He's living it up...eating fancy meals, sleeping in a fancy hotel room.....and explaining to the Army why his helicopters are the best...or something like that. Anyway, I noticed this morning the Camaro keys were laying on his nightstand. Score! Now if I could just GET THE GARAGE DOOR OPEN. Darn.

I was out there anyway to get a box of mason friend Sandy gave them to me when she moved and there are some little treasures in there!! I'll share tomorrow. My jar supply is replenished and ready to roll. And just look at those other treasures out there! Sandy (super awesome gal) gave me that Hoosier cabinet when she was moving too.....she said she never had time to love it....maybe I will? Hope so. Then there's my door collection over there....I promise they'll all find a purpose Levi! I promise. Oh, and the ORIGINAL storm windows off Sandy's house.....they're finding a new home on mine.

Here's a bit of basil has decided it has a second life....lookin' good.

Now on to the main attraction.....the squash. I have really friendly squash.

The squash has made friends with the pumpkins.

The pumpkins made friends with the sedum.

The squash made friends with the blackberries.

And the jalapenos.

And the tomatoes.

And the sandbox.
And a multitude of other areas of the garden. The vines have started to turn yellow....thank goodness. Now we'll wait for the harvest....we may need a skidloader....or a crane...


  1. Your garage still looks better than ours. But we're coming along with it. You sure had a good producing garden this year. Do you cook your squash? Or just decorate with it?


  2. Wow that squash is amazing....and I am super jealous of your basil's second wind.

  3. i love pumpkins, but i hate buying them. i need to find a place to plant pumpkins and gourds here.

  4. Holy moley, girl! Look at that basil. I'm moderately jealous. Mine had a short second life and then bit the dust. And, your squash looks amazing, and so do your baby pumpkins. so fun!


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