Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kitchen Progress

My projects start small....then they become bloated out of control beasts....and then they get finished. I've passed the small phase and am now standing on the belly of the bloated beast, ready to slide down the other side. Two days ago I got the kitchen itch again. I wish I had an organized you know my friend Kim? Check out her plan. This chick's got it together....and an empty house to boot. Oh, to have an empty kitchen. Instead, everytime I start a project I have to stop at the end of the day, clean everything up, then use the kitchen like a normal person (okay I use "normal" loosely to describe myself). Lesson for all of you future it Kim's way, not mine.

Anyway, the little blobs of woodfiller on the "closet project" were bothering I sanded them. Then I thought, well heck....I should just paint a little on the I did that for a while......

Then the floor in the closet intrigued me....yes, my home improvement unfurls like an episode of Scooby Doo. So I peeled off the sticky tile.

To reveal a piece of plywood. Hmm....I know what you're thinking....what must be UNDER the plywood? I'm so happy you asked. I thought the SAME thing! ;-) Let's find out! So I used my flyswatter specialized tool to pry up the plywood.

To reveal beautiful hardwood. Now I ask you people, why would a person go to the a CLOSET mind you, to cover the perfectly good hardwood with plywood, then with STICKY tile? This is the conundrum that is my kitchen.
You can probably guess where the plywood and sticky tile went. he he he.

Next I wanted to add some shelves to my I did this. Dad aren't you proud of me! I think they might even be level!!
So in the vein of my Scooby Doo DIY....we went off to find another clue instead of actually FINISHING the shelf. Yeah, that's how I roll. I'll get back to it.

Instead I painted more trim. And ate graham crackers.

Then the door to the back steps was aggravating me. This is what the door is used for.
A bag holder.

And it's a really snazzy door, see that delamination....yeah, we're uptown.

So I got rid of it. Now the door's gone, so I can freely work on the wall behind the door. I started with a little scrapey hole. This is the land of the frosting plaster finish. Unfortunately it wasn't over wall paper like that in the entry. It was slopped right onto the original plaster walls.

The little hole turned into this.

And then this. And I had a peanut butter sandwich.

Then primer! And I ate some spicy garlic pickles.
This is for my Grandma Eula, who always tells me I need to eat more. I eat a LOT....PB, pickles, graham crackers....apparently DIY makes a gal hungry.....
I even ate THIS piece of pie heaven last week at Mill Creek Cafe. It was divine.
Today we're off to the lumberyard to buy beadboard....more updates soon.....I'm on a deadline now!!!


  1. I am LMAO!!! You are too funny! Yea ... we all should be like Kim. I only wish I could achieve her organized style! Instead .... I'm seeing shiny!!!

    Hang in there, girlfriend! You will get it done with the help of chocolate hazelnut pie. I understand that is total brain food!!!!

  2. I'm laughing too. Especially, because with all the work you have to do in there, you started on the CLOSET!!! lol

    It is going to look great, though! And I love that you included your snacks. :)

  3. No matter what your methods are, you do a great job! It's going to look fantastic. You could teach Larry and I a thing or two about DIY projects. We're pretty helpless that way, which is why when we get around to buying a home in Ames, we'll probably get one that's move-in ready!


  4. Jen, I just love you. I'm just imagining you doing all this, going from one thing to the next. It will all get done and will look so amazing. I'm so super excited that you found hardwood underneath. I honestly squealed when you revealed it. Doesn't it irk you to no end that folks cover that lovely stuff with crap?

    And, I'm not really a super organized person, I just play one on the blog. Plus, we don't live in the house. I'd probably be committed if we did. I don't live well among chaos (besides the chaos of the pug variety.) You totally have me there.

  5. PS - the white primer makes SUCH a difference. Looks great.

  6. I can so relate! Our guest bath renovation all took place over a broken toilet part they don't manufacture anymore.

    Sounds SO familiar. I LOVE the fact that you have hardwoods. Can't wait to see the full reveal in time for the holiday decor :)

  7. You crack my up!

    Just love the way you can jump from task to task. I wish I had that ablity. I start something and can't stop until it's done. Don't get me wrong, as I work new idea's come at me. It's not uncommon to havw ten new projects by the time I complete one.

    The wall in your kitchen is going to be great.

    Wait a second! Did you say beadboard! Yipeeee! can't wait to see.


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