Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do You Have a Paddle For My Squash Boat?

I captured a photo of the elusive moonflower the dusk of the evening...when they come out for all of about 4.5 milliseconds, then fall to the ground, exhausted from the sheer effort to unfurl those huge petals. Isn't it beautiful? And they really do only come out at night...strange.

The list. I've never had to take up three sheets to fit everything on the list......well, okay....I won't lie. Usually I stop keeping track after the first onslaught of green beans. I forget to record a batch, then think "oh whatever." Not this year folks. I've recorded every last morsel. You know, the list I would REALLY like to see belongs to Miss you follow her on Facebook? You should. She makes her own mustard....enough said.

FINALLY....FINALLY.....FINALLY a squash is turning color. That means they're almost ready to be harvested. Then, apparently, you're supposed to lay them out in the sun to "cure" for 10-14 days. Who knew? Can you see the metal grid in the vines? That's a six inch grid....I could float to China in this squash.

Update on the whole Ironman craziness coming soon.......


  1. Quite the lists, woman! Keeps you hoppin' for sure. One of these days I hope to be a different type of busy. But for now I'm tearing up the house. lol!

    Pretty flower and big squash!


  2. Holey buckets - you had some major produce from your garden. Just how big was your garden? Oh, my jalapenos are just starting to be ready and your jalapeno jelly is still whispering to me to make some - do you have a particular recipe that's your favorite?

  3. Hi Midwesterner! I'm enjoying your blog, as I am from Iowa originally, now in England. I had to laugh as I just made a big batch of spaghetti sauce last night, (we have many tomatoes) and been making several choc. chip zuchini breads - only here they are called courgettes. I am now a blog follower.

  4. Holey moley - the list is making me feel like you need a vacation - stat.

    I need some squash advice. I have no clue what to do with the mounds of them growing in my yard. When to pick/what to make/how to store? Friend? Please help.


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