Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back From the Beyond

Spring has officially arrived at the VanOort homestead. Spring projects are all I can think of.

Um, hello? 9-1-1? I'd like to report a Mommy who crafts endlessly.

Our latest challenge came after our heaven sent trip to the Goodwill last weekend. Here she is....poor dated thing. You don't want to look this way anymore, I know. There there.

Oh goodness, how did you let your top get so rusty? Oh, they set plants on you...without a saucer....ahh, that stinks. It's a good thing I found you there, all lonely and super cheap, at the Goodwill. $2.38...yes, we can be friends.

Like I mentioned (maybe a gazillion times in this blog already) I REEEEALLY love the ReStore. I'm sure there's one near you...go ahead and Google, I'll wait.

Okay, that's enough waiting. On my last trip in, I checked out the spray paint aisle....SCORE! These four called out to me....first there was the frosted glass (nearly full)...I can see lots of potential there! Then a full can of gray primer...I mean really, WHO doesn't NEED gray primer? Enough said. THEN, the gray hammered metal (awesome...I used this to cover the poor rust covered top of my little beauty.) THEN I found this beautiful shade of springy yellow. Ah, I love you ReStore, let me count the ways.

HURRAY! This is my little beauty after a coat of creamy white (this can was already hiding in the basement for me.)

I took a little of this wirey was FREE last summer at a garage sale. Do you ever feel weird taking the free stuff? I do. But I took it anyway....and ran back to the car.

I then squirted the wirey stuff with my pretty yellow paint because I just couldn't get behind the pink and purple's just me....I'm sure it would have looked fine.

Add this GORGIE GORGEOUS TALLLLL white faux bois candle from the Goodwill, a few of the eggs I can't seem to stop making, and voila! A fun spring craft for the whopping price of $5.76.

I can TOTALLY picture this thingy with a big black candle at Halloween....or dressed all pretty for Christmas...or with a pumpkin on top with fall leaves....don't you just love versatile projects?
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  1. Ahhh...she is soooo PRETTY! Come by and show her off at my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY...grab my cute little party button and all the FUN begins:)


  2. I love this. You did awesome!!!!! Make sure to put it on Frugalicious Friday at Finding Fabulous!!!!! Not my blog but one I like and follow. come enter my give-a-way if you get a moment! Love the photo of your son!!!!!

  3. That is gorgeous!! :) I love it!!

  4. a fantastic find. i have to check out my restore!

  5. This is beautiful! Great job! I love it!

  6. Very cute! I love ReStore paint, too. I also get my paintbrushes there. Brand new. Score!

  7. Yes, much better! Perfect for Spring!

  8. Such an improvement! Looks really neat now. Don't you just love a successful transformation?


  9. What a great find! I love the miracle of spray paint!

    Thanks for linking up to Make it Yours day at My Backyard Eden!

  10. LOVE your transformation! Thanks for reminding me of the Restore. Ours is about 30 minutes away... but I need to schedule a trip soon.

  11. Okay so I know you did this a while ago, but I LOVE IT! I'm agreeing with you (out loud) as you list all the ways to use it for each season! HA HA... and I LOVE your red wall in the background in one of the pics!


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