Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to Build a Nest....if you aren't a bird

Springtime is here...robins are in flight, baby birds are right around the corner. SO, of course my crafting ideas have turned to blossoms, nests, spring colors....OUT WITH YOU DARN WINTER! Years ago I clipped an article from a magazine on how to build nests from natural materials. With all these springtime ideas rattling around in my head I remembered this article, dug it out...and thought.....THIS SOUNDS WAY TOO COMPLICATED. It involved fabric stiffener, soaking, drying in the oven for hours, more fabric stiffener. I'm not a patient person.
I figured if a bird can do it, I can do it. (Don't get me wrong, birds are amazing...but they don't even have hands. I do. Birds O, Jen 1)
The boys and I have been working on raking the yard this past week and all that dry grass motivated me. I collected a bag of grass/leaves/twigs, brought it in the house, stared at it for a while......then an idea.

Bowls are nest shaped...hmmm.....
This is what I did. Put sheets of plastic wraps inside your bowls, so your nest doesn't stick.

Arrange some grass/leaves/etc in a nest like fashion (if you have any bird friends this would be a great time to ask their advice for proper placement) I just threw some in, made a little well in the middle and there you go. NOW is the fun part. I had a partial bottle (1/2" left) of Aleene's Glue. Add some water to thin, shake it up. Now squirt it all over your nest, like mustard on a tenderloin. I put my bowls in front of one of our big ole heater vents...putting them outside in the sunshine and breeze would probably be speedier....but you run the risk of a bird heisting your nest. Mine took about 5 days to dry...that took patience.
When they are dry, peel off the plastic wrap and you now have a beautiful, FREE nest!! Add some eggs (Smaller than this dinosaur sized egg preferably!)

I added mine to the top of a thrifted/repainted candlestick holder (one with a pointy thingy on it to hold the the nest!) It's going to be part of my springtime/Easter mantel!
(pics to follow soon!)

Or you can have the cutest little model on the block hold it like a proud papa dinosaur. :-)
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  1. LOVE this idea and will definately try it.
    Your model is precious!!!!

  2. brilliant! Bird's nests are sooo nasty! Really, great idea. Thanks for sharing.
    uber cute model there!

  3. I have just booked marked this one! I've been thinking about how to make a nest! Thanks for showing this! I'll be doing it soon!

    If you have a minute I would love for you to stop by Life As Lori to join my party Get Your Craft On Thursday! It happens each Thursday and I would love to see you there!

    Oh, I'm now following you!

  4. You are so clever, Jen. I love it. I wouldn't have thought to put the glue in there. Love it!

    (And, I ran into Miss Effie today in the flesh at a store in Davenport. She said to tell you "hi." It was so fun to meet her.)

  5. Love it. even I can do this.


  6. scathingly brilliant idea that I will be trying. thanks for sharing your creativeity and the details.

  7. What a great idea Jen. I am so glad I found your blog this morning.
    I certainly have my fair share of twigs, grass, and leaves!

    I enjoyed visiting and am now a follower,


    White Spray Paint

  8. I got a big smile out of this post! We humans do require glue! Great idea for not buying a nest or risking "critters" in a real one!

  9. Adorable! What I want to know is...did you make the egg too?

    I am a mommy of boys too! :)

  10. Absolutely brilliant!! Definitely a must try

  11. What a great project. It turned out great!

    Thanks for linking out to my party!


  12. This is fantastic! I am going to include a link to this post in my Inspire My Saturday Post today. Thanks so much for sharing.


  13. That is awesome. You did a great job. It looks amazingly REAL.
    I signed up to follow you. I hope you'll come do the same.



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