Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Great Equalizer

We've had a tough run of it the past few days at the VanOort homestead. Marsh Potato has been ill for weeks now....RSV, walking pneumonia, stomach flu, dreadful cough, never ending fever...when it rains it pours it seems. I've lost count of the number of times we've seen our favorite MD in the past week. And then there was the trip to the ER. We won't even get into our little guy's troubles post operatively from eye surgery....he's leaving the staff at the U of I Pediatric Opthamology Dept. perplexed....and Mommy at wits end. Good health is something I never take for granted, knowing how delicate the human body really is, and I always thank the universe when we have it. Right now would not be one of those times.

Today, at Marsh's appointment with our family doc (the fabulous Dr. G), he was instructed to start drinking sugary drinks. To this he sat, mouth gaping, at what he had just heard. The DOCTOR was TELLING him to drink pop? First, he hates pop....hates it. Second, aren't doctors supposed to promote HEALTHY foods? The problem is he's had NO APPETITE. AT. ALL. for about four days now....sooooo....Dr. G just wanted him to get some calories. THEN. CAME. THE. OTHER. SUGGESTION.

Dr. G: Marsh, do you like jello?
Marsh: Yeah.
Dr. G: Go home and eat some jello then.

Enter Mommy (sitting in the exam room, now in a cold sweat.)

Now, just so you know, I tend to think of myself as an intelligent, hard working problem solver. Not afraid of a lot of things, not intimidated by much. For goodness sake, I planned our wedding and wrote a master's thesis at the same time, gave birth to two babies with nary a Tylenol on board and wrangle the lives of three men on a daily basis...I can handle myself. BUT, Dr. G.....sweet, caring Dr. G.....why would you say the J word? Now my little guy expects jello upon our trip home. Now Iwould like to make a confession.

i cannot make jello. not. at. all.

I've tried, I've failed...more than a few times. I just can't do it. It's not in my genetic makeup. Is there a secret I missed? Clearly, I can read. I've READ the instructions. I've FOLLOWED the directions.
God help me, I bought a box of jello on the way home. Pray for me.


  1. I'm fairly positive I made jello at the age of 10. Succesfully. C'mon meow. I have faith in ya!

  2. I can never make jello either. I follow the Jigglers recipe which has much less water. That works every time. That recipe will be on the back of the box.

  3. Why don't you just buy the little pre-made Jello cups in the dairy section?


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