Monday, March 22, 2010

The Most Beautiful China Ever Found (by me) at Goodwill

It's official. I may have found the most beautiful China EVER to survive the Saturday morning rush at Goodwill. There are times when I have a chance to escape to do a little thrifting and find NOTHING. NADA. SQUAT.
Then.....then, my friends, there are days when every star in the solar system is aligned just for me. I cruise up and down the aisles finding treasure after many in fact I unloaded about half of it out of sheer guilt. Looking around at the other folks in the store, thinking, do you people not see this stuff? Is it invisible to you, only visible to me with some super crafting power? I came home with a few treasures...the things I couldn't BEAR to part with.
These gorgeous little beauties were part of my bounty. Are they not divine? Do you not want to break into my house THIS. VERY. INSTANT. and make off with them in the dead of the night? Okay, maybe I'm getting carried away....but I LOOOOVEEEE them. The color, the style....oh will the Easter table be fun to set this year. :-)

After a very quick Google search I learned that the Harmony House brand was a line of china marketed by Sears & Roebuck in the 1950's. Are these colors not perfect? Cherry red, aquamarine, charcoal....oohh.....I LOVE IT!!! And apparently, as if the dishes weren't reward enough....I paid 1/10th their current value. The thrift store gods were shining down on me. MORE of the treasures tomorrow! :-)


  1. I have to agree with you - this is the prettiest china ever. And to get it at Goodwill: now that's what I call a score!

  2. I love that aqua color! Quite perfect for spring, no?

    Love your new profile pic, too. LONG HAIR!

    I've totally gotten to the checkout before and been a little embarrassed at the amount of stuff I found. But, then, I remember that I should be proud! =)

  3. WOW! It is absolutely beautiful. If I were in that store and saw those in your cart I would have a)kicked myself for not getting to them first and b) stalked you in that store until you walked out that door with them (lol) You just never know if the lucky one who finds them will decide to put them back. I look forward to seeing what else you found, but if it were me I would be doing a happy dance.


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