Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Big Day for Notes from the Heartland

It was a big day over here at Notes from the Heartland! It's a big day everyday here at our house...I do have three men to take care of. ;-) BUT....TODAY I was shown the love by some very talented WOMEN! Thrifty, crafty, bloggy wonderful women! Can you tell I need to spend more time with womankind? ;-)

First, I got word last night that I was featured on the very cool blog, The Thrifty Home! My corkboard-over-the-super ugly pipes-turned peaceful funny feel good space-project was highlighted! Women get it. (okay, I'll give you credit too honey, my husband did say it looks very nice near the washer and dryer now as well.)

THEN, on the VERY SAME DAY (my stars must have been aligned) I happened by one of my favorite blogs to visit everyday, Designaholic, and saw MY NAME (okay not MY name, my blog's name) as the winner of the Happy 101 award!

I would like to now bequeath Kim over at the NewlyWoodwards with the Happy 101 award! Her blog always makes me grin with her silly pups and VERY crafty self!

Thanks Ladies!!


  1. Yay! I'm so happy for you. You totally deserve it. I love that project, and all your projects!

    And, thanks for the shoutout. You are too kind and sweet. =)


I kinda love comments, who doesn't? Nice comments. Only. I'm picky that way. ;-)

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