Thursday, March 11, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...or Branchy Tail Maybe?

I have to admit I'm kind of skipping over St. Patrick's Day this year. The kiddos have been sick, I've been pooped and frankly it's already coming up next week....and I try to spend my time on things that can be on display for a while....I'm just lazy like that. ( I love all the St. Pat's projects out there in bloggy world).
So....bring on Easter!
This little guy has hip hopped around our house...right out of the yard....literally. He's made from apple tree twigs! Easy easy....and free!! His little "fishing" pole is made from a scrap of copper wire, the carrot is a branch, whittled down and painted with craft paint! Same with the carrot hanging from the pole. The acorns came from...well...outside. That's where acorns come from. AND, he has little leather ears. :-)
Snip, drill, glue....there you have it.

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  1. Our neighbor used to have a seasonal craft sales hosted at their house every year. As a young grasshopper I would get my mom's christmas present there every year. What is funny is the fact that it was ususally a christmas decoration! So she could obviously not use them till next christmas! Anyhoos, as crafty as you are I bet you could pull off something like that and do a pretty darn good job.... just a thought. ;o)


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