Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Thrifty Day To Me

As I'm sure you're tired of hearing already...I had a SUPERB thrifting day this past Saturday. SUPERB. So superb in fact I put lots of things back....feeling a little self conscious about the load I was pushing around the store.
After today, I'll stop talking about this wonderful trip....that is, until tomorrow when I tell you about a transformation of one of these little gems. ;-)

Love this big basket....I'm thinking it will be used to round up mittens in the winter...slide it right under the bench in the foyer.

Sorry for the dust...I was just so excited to take a photo RIGHT when I got home. I've never seen an enamelware tray like this...I just couldn't leave it behind. It SCREAMED summertime BBQ to me! And don't we all need to think about summertime BBQ's right now?

Now hang with me....this was a piece that the folks at Goodwill apparently thought HAD. NO. POTENTIAL. The poor thing was labeled $2.38. That's low for even Goodwill. I will admit it looked sad, wobbly, rusty...yeah, just wait till tomorrow for the reveal on this puppy. I don't usually move very fast on projects (my husband would attest to that. ;-) But this one was perfect for my Spring mood.

A Foley Food Mill!!! The old kind...not the new cheapy kind. Sturdy built, works perfectly....have ALWAYS wanted one! Where was this little darling when I wanted to make my own baby food but was too cheap to buy a shiny new food processor....oh the possibilities. And I even found the original leaflet that came with this little puppy online!

A wire wreath form.....plans for this coming up.

This big honker was the first thing I found on my thrifting trip delight. Probably originally had a big fake tree in it.....oh but do I have some springy spring plans for this too. Would you leave it this metal color or paint? To paint or not to paint, that is the question.

Happy Thrifting Friends!


  1. You DID find some treasures! I love the candlestick too - and I feel like I've seen some really great redos of those style of candlesticks that look so great standing on the floor in some corner or something. Can't wait to see what you did with it!!!

  2. i love that big planter! you made a haul!

  3. Wow, you got some great finds! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I just browsed around yours & you have some great projects!


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