Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Barn

Wow, wow, wowwy, wowser.  My boys are very lucky little guys.  We're all very lucky.  We have a Papa that is a magic man with wood. (and plumbing...and electrical...and....and....)

Today we celebrated my big guy's birthday....for the second time.  The first time around we all came down with terrible colds and didn't want to spread them to our entire we just celebrated with the four of us.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful brother and sister in law drove over last night and Mom and Dad drove today....we all enjoyed a nice lunch, cake AND........presents!  Marsh was lucky enough to receive some great little games for his Nintendo doo hickey from Aunt Chell and Uncle Mike....then came out THE BARN.  Papa has been working away on this barn for some time now.  The guys checked out all the super cool features. (sliding barn doors, beveled driveways, neat overhang, removable roof and sidewall....)

Parked the tractor inside. Yep, Papa made that too.

 Even the big boys wanted in on the action.

Yep, that is one HAPPY kid.

Papa is the greatest....and I have two boys who think he walks on water.  Every kid should have grandparents like this.

 Uh oh....there's been a casualty.  Cow down. might be the TIGER roaming in the barn!

 We parked the tractor and wagon.

And practiced putting the roof and wall on....yep, half the roof and a wall come off to reveal the HAYMOW and the inside.  Spectacular.  Thank you Papa.

As if that wasn't enough.....Papa brought some presents for my workshop too....I'll show you those tomorrow. :-)


  1. That is so cool! You need to work it into your red header!

  2. Wow! My boys are sitting here looking at the pictures and they think it's pretty darn cool! Their papa is the greatest, your boys are lucky to have him!

  3. this is awesome! very nicely done. Before my dad passed five years ago, i was hoping to start making a doll house with him since he's the man who knows about wood and cutting it lol. We never did get to that doll house. One day maybe I will be brave enough to try it myself. Until then I admire the beautiful wood workings of others, such as this barn! Thanks for sharing~

  4. The smiles say it all, including Papa!! Beautiful boys!!

  5. What an awesome grandpa! That looks awesome! I want one too. Looks like the birthday boy was excited. (Although grandpa looks pretty excited, too.) ;)

  6. Just found your blog and I am loving that barn. He should sell them! I have been looking everywhere for something like that for my little boy. He loves farm stuff and it is so hard to find quality American made items!
    Your one lucky family to have that kind of talent handy!

  7. i see the artistic streak runs in your family! this is BEYOND amazing. seriously. what a talented man.


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