Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eat, Play, Love

Winter is getting pretty funky around here.  Funk.  I'm in a funk.  Big fat lazy cloudy cold chilled funk.  Did someone add about ten weeks to January?  I'm pretty sure it may never end....we're in a permanent January. I don't want to work on any projects...I don't feel like making anything cute...I'm kaput. 
Miraculously, we did have a productive day this week though!  First we maneuvered through mountains of bedding....I stripped E.V.E.R.Y. bed in our house....blankets, sheets, mattress covers...everything.  Thank goodness for our new giganto made quick work...and nice fresh beds.

The genius VanOort boys made up their own game....what do you get when you combine three empty boxes, a bouncy ball, the back staircase and two boys?  A rousing game of stairway bowling!  They had a blast.

I made the AH-MAY-ZING Baked Caprese Macaroni and Cheese for supper.  It's so good you want to lick your plate, just sayin'.  I may or may not have.  Go here for the recipe.  But come back...I know it will be tempting not to...Kim is a genius...but please do.

Then Daddy came home.....with these.....

AND THIS.  Any man who comes home with a chocolate cake is okay by me. 

Oh's snowing again.



  1. What creative boys you have. Mine build forts anywhere and everywhere to entertain themselves...with all my clean bedding! You must have a very nice hubby to bring both cake and flowers. Your pics are nice btw. :)

  2. Must try that mac n cheese. Love the stairway bowling!!

  3. Sounds like some good memories are being made in the dreary days of January. Hope your weather perks up soon :)

  4. Dad knew Mom was in a funk, flowers are so nice and bright, cake looks great. Enjoy your day.

  5. My dad always says that the third in week in January is usually the coldest and nastiest week, weather-wise, of the year. Thankfully we are past that!


  6. What a great hubby! Love the flowers and the CAKE. Isn't that based caprese awesome? It was so yummy!

  7. I hear you! I think the days have become longer too! By four I'm wishing it was bedtime. I really do need to get out of this house, brave the cold and drag my butt to the gym - I'm thinnk that will help. If not, I'm picking up a cake for myself, and I'm not sharing! LOL


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