Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Organizing

Today we said goodbye to Santa for another year. I love to decorate for Christmas....but I also love to take it all down and get back to normal. We worked on taking it all down today. Christmas is safely put away in the CLEAN basement. :-) I thought I'd share a few of my Christmas organization case you haven't put Christmas away yet. ;-)

This is one of my FAVORITES. When the boys receive or make ornaments we label them right we'll always remember who/what/when/where. I stole this idea from a girlfriend who has 5 kids....she would never remember whose was whose unless they were labeled.

Sock we'll always remember he came home with us from Door County, WI in 2009. Oh...and Marshall does have ornaments too....I just seemed to photograph TWO for his brother!

I use these little cuties...metal rim tags and a fine felt pen. If the ornament has a flat side sometimes I write directly on it with a sharpie...just depends.

This idea I'm sure my husband would rather I not share. He thinks I have strand light OCD. When we were first married I would put each strand of lights back into their little plastic know the thingies they come in originally that snap each light into place. Yep, I was that girl. Then I tried wrapping each strand around a piece of not likey.
So, this is what I do now. I divide each strand in half, starting from each end and bundle them with rubberbands.

No more boxes or plastic thingies or wrapping around cardboard....such a space saver...and they aren't tangled for next year!! Just make sure you ALWAYS wash your hands really well after handling Christmas lights....I hear they have high lead levels? Eek.

Slip the whole show back into its labeled bin and there's a little piece of organized Christmas. :-)

And for my final trick.....hanging garland. What do you do with your garlands? Smush them into rubbermaids? Hang them? I've tried both....I'm all about hanging them now. Just grab a hanger, a big ole nail in the floor joist and we're in business.
Happy Organizing everyone!! :-)


  1. These are all such great ideas! I knew we needed some system of labeling ornaments, but I didn't know how to do it! I don't think I have patience for the lights, but hanging the garland would be a huge space saver for me. Does it get dusty?

  2. You are a flippin' genius. Although I already knew that. My favorite idea is the tags. Seriously so smart. I'm getting tags and putting them in the box for next year.

    And, it only took you a day to take down the Xmas? Lordy. It took me all week. ;)

  3. I hung my garland this year and covered it with a garbage bag!


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