Thursday, January 27, 2011

Market Sign

The blobs are dry.  The sign is painted.  The sign is placed in its new home.  Ta da. ;-)

My new beadboard ledges needed something....but I don't want to clutter them I was thinking a BIG sign was in order.  Also, I wanted it to be something that reminded me of tiny home town.  One of those iconic elements of my childhood was the tiny old grocery store on main street.  The total population of Thor, my hometown, I can pretty safely say, has never numbered more than 200 people.  The grocery was in a brick building downtown....had a creaky screen door that slammed behind you, squeeky painted wood floors, a high ceiling with a lazy ceiling fan and just smelled....well....old.  It was wonderful.  We bought 25 cent ice cream bars....and Bazooka bubble gum.  How much things have changed in my short 35 years.

Well anyway, that was my ride down memory I asked my mom what the name of the grocery had been.  I could remember that the lady who ran it was named Mary.  That was about how much Mom remembered too.  So I asked another childhood neighbor if she remembered.....she didn't think the grocery ever had a name.  I mean, who needs a name in a town of 200 people.  You just know where the grocery is.  BUT, when SHE was a kid the name of the grocery was the Moklebust Market.  That's good enough for me.  So here it is.  In all of its 5' long glory.

 Blobs and all.

 And yes, that's STILL how the ceiling looks.  To any drywallers out there who ACTUALLY want work....please call me.  Please.  I'll paint you a sign.

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  1. you're kidding.... right!?

    this sign is beyond ... literally ... beyond amazing.

    i adore it. perfection. paints blobs and all.

  2. This is awesome, Jen. It looks amazing. And what a fun backstory. I need to make some sort of sign, you are inspiring me.

  3. I may take up drywalling just so you can make me a sign! I love it. This goes without saying, but your sign looks fabulous in your kitchen and I just love the color you used.


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