Saturday, January 29, 2011

Open Letter to Winter and Spiderman

 Dear Winter,
You are about to be escorted from the building.  I've had it. We've ALL had it.  You tease with a little melting here and there....a drip from the roof...a microscopic patch of grass peaking out.  Then you take it all away and bring more snow and more cold.  I need the sun.  If you don't provide it soon I'm headed south....Barbados south....and am not coming back until May.

Dear Mr. Spiderman,
My youngest informed me that it was YOU who was the culprit of sneezing a GIGANTO booger on my beautiful, clean, freshly painted cuboard.  You could have at least wiped it off.  Really.  You're a grown up, right?  I grown up as a man in tights can be.  You could have wiped it on your tights.



  1. are you taking up a petition for your letter to winter? i'll sign it!

    sounds like you got it as bad as we do! i think it's been snowing for the past two days. non-stop.

    i'm done. done.

  2. Done!@ Done! Done! with winter. I am soooo done!

    But Spiderman cracks me up!!!!

  3. Ha Ha! Too funny about Spidermans snotty nose. Good one! Even for North Carolina this cold is getting a little old. Hey! I made a rhyme. lol

  4. oh, no, spiderman, no you did NOT! that is too funny. i wrote a "letter" to winter, too-great minds!


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