Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Lonely Cutting Board

This is a little story....about a lonely cutting board....that lived in an ooooogly set of cabinets. Pucey wheat colored cabinets. The cutting board never saw the light of day....

....until pickle relish making time in the summer. Its one and only job of the year. Then tucked away for another 364 days.

The cabinets were visited by a beautiful, charming, DIY goddess (he he he) who transformed them with a little paint and new hardware.

But the poor cutting board was still oooogly. UNTIL, one day the beautiful, charming, DIY goddess', equally charming and helpful dad came to its rescue....sanding away all its ooooogliness. He left behind a few words of wisdom and a collection of his wood stains for which the cutting board was eternally grateful.

And now it can live happily ever after. (oh and a little spray paint for the knob....that helped too!)

The End.


  1. when i saw the first picture i held my breath because i thought you were going to saw you got rid of this little guy.

    lovely story ... you restored him!!

    i have two of these in my 1950s kitchen and i just love them! yay!

  2. LOL. Poor little guy. You've made his day!

  3. Aww - it looks so nice now! I like your grinder thing too - I remember seeing one just like that in my Grandma's basement where we'd grind up corncobs for some reason (?).

  4. Oh my gosh, Jen. It's so pretty. Dark stain is the bomb. And your kitchen, rockin' my socks off.

  5. Ok, I have one- but mine is laminate all over- and not so cute. But maybe...I can get my daughter to make me a wooden one in her shop class.....hmmmm...


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