Friday, January 7, 2011

Project Basement Marches On

Our tour of my seriously disturbed basement continues.....I'm not even joking about this photo folks. It was really this bad. In this room's defense, this is where my husband had begun making Mount Trashmore while waiting for the big dumpster to be delivered. But this isn't far from how it looked to begin with. (Just take out the stuff in the foreground and you get the gist of its horriblness.) This is the last room in our basement if you take the northern route. It's the room that floods the most, is the darkest and has two oil tanks left from that bygone era of heating fuel. Basically, it's the creepiest (even more than the red room).

And NOW! Look at all the clear floor space. And a shelf for all my canning jars and "decorative" items. How do you all organize the things you decorate with throughout the year that aren't exactly seasonal? You know....the candlesticks/frames/etc?
(Pardon my excessive posting this afternoon....I have a sick kiddo, I'm stuck on the couch with a laptop for entertainment and I'm trying to figure out the road to snazzy blogdom.)


  1. I learned everything I know about snazzy blogging from - She explains things very thoroughly so any idiot (i.e., me) can figure it out!


  2. wanna come organize my basement? you can stay for free and ill cook you breakfast. sound fair?

    i know it just a basement, but it looks awesome. and the feeling of being organized is a good one!

  3. Whoa, whoa, whoa...hold on. Is the kitchen done? Did I miss that?! I better go back a few posts.

    The basement looks awesome!

    When I have days like that, I will write a bunch of posts and "schedule" them for every other day or so.

  4. Love it. It looks so awesome! Love the shelves. I need some of those babies in our basement.

    And a bike.


  5. loving all the amazing changes to your blog layout. especially the pictures at the top. and your fun new font!

    looks beautiful!

  6. You are absolutely right, your basement is pretty creepy. That red room??? Yikes. But you made it less creepy! Go you!

    I need a dedicated space to extra decor...I've got little piles hidden all around the house. On one hand it's disorganized but on the other, I forget about stuff and it's like getting new things every few months!


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