Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meal Planning....the Jen Way

Planning.  Lots of planning.  The world is all abuzz after the New Year with planning planning planning,  down to planning what pair of underwear your kid is going to wear on which day of the week.  I saw that on TV, pinky swear.  There is a certain degree of planning that I can go along with....and some I just can't seem to keep up with.  I admire all the folks out there who find the best deal on everything and pay $.02 for their final grocery bill after using 439 double coupons.  Hey, I love me a good coupon and a good deal....but I just can't make myself plan my entire life around it....and it's a fact, they do not double coupons ANYWHERE in the state of Iowa.  The other thing I have issue with is always buying "the best deal" if it's not the most nutrient dense. 

Por exemplo numero uno....I buy my meat from meat guy.  It's all's grass's not the least expensive...but it's HEALTHY (and not on the recall list).  Does more expensive meat make you think twice about eating meat for every meal, yes it does.  Good for it. 

Por exemplo numero dos....I buy my eggs from Miss egg lady (among many other wonderful things...flower lady, cocoa lady...AWESOME person in general.).  They're farm raised (and you know what I mean by FARM Mr. DeCoster)...they aren't fed weird things or stand on top of each other or squeezed into a too small building.....they're not the least expensive....but they're HEALTHY (and not on the recall list).

 Now I'll finally get to my point.  I've taken up my long lost habit of meal planning.  This is an AWESOME way to save money without sacrificing quality.  Shannon motivated me to get my hiney back to planning...the only planning I seem to be interested in lately. ;-)  You can read about meal planning in approximatley 489 million places on the internet...I suggest you just read Shannon's post.  The gal should seriously be on the comedy circuit....poke all around her blog while you're there....  I laughed so hard I lost control of myself, tears and all.  And if you're going to be planning you should at least have some fun doing it.

Do you know what's for dinner next week?  I do.  Hooray for me and my sanity.

Shameless plug....if you live in Central or North Central Iowa you should totally check out my brother and sister in law's CSA....J & W Freshwater Produce...they grow the best veggies anywhere.  There's not a salmonella in sight. ;-)


  1. Aw man, thanks for the compliments! I love seeing the handwriting on the calendar! And I'm with you on the no coupon thing...that's a little too time consuming for me. And seriously, the coupons I see are always for name-brand junk that I never buy anyway. Those people that hoard deodorants are fa-reaks! Unless they're donating the 22 Mitchums they got for 4 cents, then I think they're wacks. But yay for taco tuesdays!

    Oh and I spy the Italian beef sandwich you have this a midwest thing? Make sure you post a recipe!

  2. I love Shannon, too. And, I heart you. Have you made the italian beef in the crock pot? Oh dear Lord it's so good. Just a can of beer, a roast and two packages of french onion soup mix. It's amazing.

  3. i wish i could come up with some amazing system for planning breakfast.

    but things are always so crazy. people making last minute reservations. bringing other people to breakfast. special diets. i'd go mad. haha... well, lets be honest madER.

    but it would prevent these last minute grocery store runs in between people checking in .... like i'm about to do now. yuck.


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