Monday, January 10, 2011

Farmhouse by the Sea

Have you seen the e-zine over at the Lettered Cottage?  You know....the one about the house on Tybee Island, GA....I know you've all seen it...I'm always the last to the watering hole...the "farmhouse by the sea".  If I could wrap up that whole house and insert it into mine I would do it.  THIS. MINUTE.  The photos make me happy just to look at cheerful and bright. 

I've made a decision....this must be recreated in my house.  Before the home tour in December.  Bright, cheerful, happy.  There are rooms in my house I adore....elements I adore....

....but then....there are rooms that I once found beautiful that now seem oppresive to dining room in particular.  I searched for the PERFECT shade of red...which I found...and painted....and now....six years later I cannot handle it for one more minute. it's not THAT dramatic....but you see where I'm's dark...and well....just dark.  (don't worry those aren't real was a party)  I've discovered something about myself...when we moved into our house I thought I needed to decorate it in a way that fit the house the best....not ourselves the best.  It's a 1918 modified Four Square....beautiful with grand sized rooms and lots of woodwork....LOTS of I was thinking "traditional"....deep reds and greens and taupes, florals....pretty....for a while.  But now I feel the need to freshen it all and add a little more quirkiness....I think I'm quirky and need to let that little light shine...I mean really, we're the ones that have to live here and look at it everyday. 
Some funny business would be okay. ;-)

Updates to follow....on my quest for cheerful quirky farmhouse by the sea.


  1. I've been having similar thoughts about my home. I would love to update the colors and rework a few things. I'm looking forward to seeing how you transform your home. Then I can "swipe" a few idea's LOL

  2. Well heck! I've not seen that e-zine either. Thanks for the info. I love your house and what you have done so far. Don't change too much. I live near the beach but don't have but one room (daughter's bathroom) done with the beach theme. I always let the home dictate the style to some degree.

  3. Yay! Can't wait to see what you do.

    And, I'm obsessed with your shelves. Obsessed.

  4. I live in an old traditional with lots of oak woodwork. Are you painting the trim? I just painted my red kitchen a sunny yellow. Much better. I too would love to have every room of the Lettered Cottage Tybee cottage in my house. Looking forward to seeing what you do.


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