Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Workbench, Two Workbench

The kitchen took its toll on the basement.  All the cutting of beadboards took place in my workshop....on the floor.  Yes, I'm a professional. ;-)  Then the mess took over my workbench....and the rest of the basement followed suit, as you remember.  Okay okay, the rest of the basement was already chaos and the kitchen helped it over the edge of the cliff.

The VanOort Tornado went through and this is the bench NOW!  Wha??  I could actually DO a project.....ON A BENCH.  Goodbye floor, it was nice knowin' ya.  And the THAT'S where they were hiding?

On another wall of the workshop was my old drafting table.....covered  in junk as well.  That was the motif I was going for in my basement decor...."covered in junk" chic.

 And NOW!  Hooray....another clear workspace.  TWO WHOLE tabletops cleared....that's a miracle in our house.  As soon as I have any energy I'll be back at the projects....winter is zapping me. 

 On a awesome is the workbench?  Do you know what the table top is?  A BOWLING ALLEY LANE. Completely wackadoo, right?  Found it at the bless-ed bargain.  I left it behind once...then my dad insisted I go back to look at it again....thank goodness for dads.

 Wanna see more of "Project Basement".....check it out!  We're just about done!


  1. Know what you mean about the winter zapping you, no energy today. My husband has a workbench with a bowling alley top, he loves it.

  2. so, you better hope your doors are locked. because i'm coming to your house and stealing all those windows and frames on your drafting table. i will also be taking that chandelier hanging nearby.

    just so you know.


  3. I love the feeling of a cleared off tabletop. Yay for project basement.

  4. Very Nice! All that room to get your creative juicies flowing! Nothing better than a clean workspace.

  5. Must be nice to have all that space. You did a gret job! Now get to work! Ha ha!


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