Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Need My Mommy

 This is how we feel today.  It's amazing how horrible a few degrees difference in your body can feel.  Please leave quickly're making us all miserable.

 We'll just be drinking lots of turtle cocoa from Miss Effie....and resting today.

 On a brighter note....two of the kitchen stools arrived....dontcha love?  Thanks to my friend Kim for her ongoing search for my stools!!  I think these gals will fit the bill.

Curvy, industrial right in with my farmhouse by the sea goal. ;-) (and yes, that's how the kitchen  floor STILL looks....don't judge.)

Hope you're having  a healthy day.

**as an addendum....our washing machine just totally sounded like a garbage truck backing into the house...seriously.  When front loaders go awry they REALLY go awry. :-(  When it rains it pours.


  1. Oh my I know that look. Hope you all are feeling better. Love the stools! By the way, did you make it through the eleven thing?

  2. Sorry you're not feeling better yet! I love your stools, though! Put them where you can see them all day long!

  3. Poor sick boy. Hope you all feel better.

    Which stools are those? Where are they from? I want them.

    Now who am I going to send every stool I find in Internetland to?


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