Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Photos 2010

If even only once, I think every family should splurge on "non-traditional" family portraits. I have a little addiction to these photos and we make the trek to Madison, WI each summer or fall to visit our FAVORITE photographer in the whole world, Jen Roh. If you live within driving distance (or if you REALLY like to splurge and within flying distance!) you should make an appointment with Jen. You won't believe your family could ever be so beautiful!! We've had lots of people say our photos look like they should be in a magazine (and trust me, it's not because of my overwhelming beauty...LOL)
This is the third year we've had Jen take our photos and again, of course, she didn't disappoint. You can see our first year here. Apparently last year I was lazy and didn't post those photos...they rocked too, just sayin'.
In conclusion, find a photographer you love....and splurge.
In thirty years you'll thank yourself. :-)


  1. What wonderful pictures! I can see why you make the effort to get there. She is terrific (and you are ALL very photogenic...)

  2. Wow - absolutely gorgeous photos. Once kiddos are in the picture, we'll be planning for professional photos too, so hopefully we can find someone as good as your Jen! (Unfortunately, we're nowhere near Madison, or I'd definitely take your suggestion to hire her!)

  3. Love the pictures! What wonderful keepsakes.

  4. Beautiful family! I love the ones in front of the barn! We had some taken in front of one of our old, weathered, gray outbuildings, and I ADORE them.

  5. Oh my ! What lovely photos! I love them all. Your boys are so cute. How do you get so much work done with two boys in the house?


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