Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Guest Room

My tip for the day:  You should ALWAYS be fancy when doing home improvement. 
The best "fancy" is over the top plastic washes.  Paired with sweat pants and cheetah slippers you'll be on top of the world. ;-)

Welcome to my FAV.O.RITE. room in our house.  Is it weird that my favorite room is the guest room.  I think that means I should me working harder on the rooms I ACTUALLY spend time in. ;-)  I heard somewhere that you should sleep in your guestroom just to experience what your guests will...will they be comfortable?  Warm enough?  Cool enough? Etc, etc. 

This room contains many of my mostest special-est things.  The bed skirt/cover that my mom made as a young wife.  The ragrug I bought from an elderly woman in the neighboring town during a yard sale....she was SO grateful that I bought it....she said no one had bought one all day.  Thinking back, I should have bought them all.  She was only asking $5 for each one....and she had handmade them all.  Lesson learned.

Sand from some of the beaches we've visisted. 

Beautiful vintage pillowcases.  This one was made by my grandmother and great aunt. 

This one I just recently picked  Love that place.  There was only one...and the gal at the checkout asked why I would want one that was a single.  I love things that don't match. 

The most beautiful color by number EVER.  I ran into Goodwill one day to buy a basket....and this called out to me.  I actually walked to the front of the store to buy the basket, then turned around half way and went back for the had to come home with me. 

My favorite room is also white.  To anyone who knows our home, knows that when we moved in EVERY ROOM was painted high gloss white.   It offended every sensibility I had.  I painted everything...not white.  This room just seemed to call out for white though I repainted with a softer milkier satin white.  I love it.  Probably should do this in more rooms.  But white is stark.  Stark if there is nothing on the wall for a splash of juicy color.

 Enter one of the door headers I bought at the Mechanicsville school demolition auction.  I pulled down four of these huge puppies with my bare hands (and a pry bar).  God bless my poor friend for coming with me....she's terrified of ladders and I nearly gave her a stroke standing on the top of one trying to reach these, yanking back and forth.  I digress.....this one was a pretty shade of green...just the right amount of juicy color.

The header looked lonely....and every room needs a good sign, right?  It needed more.....I was thinking a cute garland would be a bunch of little mittens or something wintry.  The wreath will do for now.

The other thing I'm a little crazy about right now are signs that MEAN something to me....that remind me of special places.  This is one of our special, warm fuzzy places.  Vacation heaven?  Yes.  And a few blobs for good measure. ;-)  Oh...and added some door hardware...just 'cause I thought it was neat.  I am beginning to have a real affinity for old wood.  To all my local peeps....I dig old wood...don't throw it away.  Feel free to leave it on my porch. ;-)

Just a few things left to add to the guest room....then it will be pure "Farmhouse by the Sea"....

**revamp the lamp
**paint little table that's waiting in the basement for a side table
**bamboo shades
**new duvet cover


  1. It's a cozy room. I love all the things you've added. I'd be very comfortable there when I come back to eastern Iowa to visit. ;-)


  2. I really love your vintage pillow cases! But as most know I have a love for embroidery.

  3. Jen, I love it. But, am I to understand that you went to the Junk Asylum without me? Wha???

    Love the green shelf and adore the sign. You have such a talent. Love that rag rug, too.

  4. dude, between you and Michael with the signs, I am totally feeling the need for one...or 4. This room is so swee tand comfy looking...I'll be over to test it out as soon as we thaw out )


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